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We’re engaged! What now?

Relax and enjoy the moment! When you’re ready choose your venue, your date and book your celebrant. Take a breath – the 3 big decisions are done!

What is a NOIM?
Before your wedding day, there are two forms you will need to complete. The first legal document is the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). This needs to be filled in and signed by you and witnessed by your celebrant (or another authorised person) at least one month and one day prior to the date of your wedding.
The second form you sign closer to your wedding date is called The Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage. This basically means that you’re free to get married and haven’t been married or eloped in the meantime!
On your wedding day, you’ll then sign three certificates. Two of these are copies of your official marriage certificate, whereas the other is known as Form 15 which is the pretty one that you get to take home with you to frame or put somewhere for safekeeping. For all of these forms to be signed on the big day you’ll also need your two elected witnesses.

TIP: I will assist you to complete all legal documentation.

What will our marriage celebrant actually do?

A marriage celebrant does way more than just talk about you both, get you to sign some papers, and then stand with you on your big day. As your celebrant, it’s my job to ensure your legal documents are correctly completed and signed and then legally register your marriage with Birth Deaths and Marriages.
It’s also my job to write your personalised ceremony, taking you to step by step prior to and throughout your ceremony. From the second I ask, “are you ready?” to “please put your hands together as I introduce you to Mr & Mrs …….” I am the person who makes sure your ceremony is everything you want it to be!

So, why should we choose you as our celebrant?
Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of us out there. Every celebrant you meet will have their own spin and ideas on how to do things, depending on what kind of ceremony you like. Do you want a formal wedding or a relaxed one? A long ceremony or a “let’s get this sorted quickly so we can party” one?
For me, I believe it all comes down to one thing, trust. The person you choose to marry you should be someone you connect with on a personal level and feel comfortable with. It’s no use choosing a celebrant and then feeling like it’s not a good “fit”. I love it when my couples tell me they feel like they have made a new friend and that friend is now marrying them! I’m there with you every step of the way, from the awkward first meeting where I tell you everything you’ll need to know, until the minute you walk away from me – married!
Do you have any advice for us?

I do!

  • Have some potential wedding venues and dates in mind before you meet your celebrant.
  • Outdoor wedding? Have a back-up location or plan B – always. As good as the weather is here in QLD – it does rain!
  • Having a photographer? I can let your guests know that a professional is taking amazing photos of your day – suggesting your guests put away their phones and just enjoy the moment along with you both. Plus, your photographer will love you!
  • Hashtags are great but make them short and easy. After a few drinks, people tend to misspell them!
  • No question is too silly to ask me. I will probably have the answer and if I don’t – I will research and get an answer for you.
  • And most importantly, enjoy yourselves and have an awesome wedding day!
It’s Going to be Perfect!

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